We get it, you have a lot going on. You balance your work, family and friends while trying to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Worrying about your period should be the last thing on your to-do list.

Whether it's cramps, headache, backache, bloating or just feeling blah, there's no reason to live with discomfort. These simple lifestyle changes can get you back to feeling like your real self in no time.


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Stress Less

Stress can make period symptoms seem even worse. Need a few simple tricks for stressing less? Write in your journal, hang with a friend, exercise, or try meditation or relaxation exercises.

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Move More

Regular daily exercise can help improve your overall health, lift your mood and alleviate fatigue. A walk, a trip to the gym — or even just a dance party of one in your living room — can help to get you feeling better fast when period symptoms hit.

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Heat Things Up

Treating yourself to a warm bath can soothe your muscles and help relieve cramps. Or try Midol® Heat Vibes Menstrual Heat Patches for up to 8 hours of drug-free pain relief of period cramps & backaches.

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Fill Up Your Plate

Complex carbohydrates can help your body function at its best. Fruits, vegetables and nutrient-rich whole grains are your best foodie friends this time of the month. Reducing your salt and sugar intake may also help alleviate some period symptoms.

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Talk To Your Doctor

If nothing seems to help or if you notice any unusual period symptoms, call your doctor as soon as possible.